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Practice Planner Pro

"Practice Planner Pro is the premier software program for maximizing your ability to create highly organized practice plans. You can create your own customized drill directory containing up to 500 different categories, subcategories, and drills. You no longer have to rely on memory to select the specific drills for guards, forwards and centers, etc. as well as team offense and defense. They all appear right on the screen for you to pick and choose just the right one.

Assisting you in choosing the needed drills in creating a new plan are the "Evaluations" and "Scouting " features. They are designed to provide you important information on what your team needs to work on to be prepared for the next game. It allows you to record notes on yesterday's practice performance or last night's game or view information on an upcoming opponent when creating your next practice plan. You no longer have to rely on scribbled notes or memory in creating a new and effective practice plan based on your team's past performance and the strengths and weaknesses of your next opponent.

The practice teams feature allows you to create 2-5 player practice teams for your specific drills requiring those particular numbers of players as well as lifting groups for your strength and conditioning program. Post these up in the locker room or gym wall and you are already one step ahead of your competition in terms of organization and effective planning.

Practice Planner Pro is the ultimate in timesaving. You can create a new practice plan literally in minutes with a minimum of typing. Simply choose your practice start time and point and click on the desired drill and the number of minutes, drill name, and any particular point of emphasis are automatically entered in the plan. You can save your plans in designated weekly, monthly, or season folders. Viewing a plan from last week is just point and click. Make some minor changes to it and save the plan and you now have a new one..

Basketball Replay Publishing and Scouting Software
The hottest play diagramming/publishing software available

Coach Clyde Fouts has done extensive research on how and why shots are missed in competition and the correlation between holding a high straight follow-through and shooting accuracy.

Fixed It! Basketball Scoring Software
Keep track of team and player statistics in real-time as you score your game and in post-game analysis on as many as 1000 cumulative games.  Includes complete offense and defense statistics for individual players.   Our customers include coaches, players, fans, official scorekeepers, and parents of youth league, high school, college, and pro players

Athletic Rules Study Software
Software is geared for high school officials & umpires and we have different versions for football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. Each version has 1000 questions which encompasses the last 5 years worth of National Federation Part I & Part II Exams. Also included in our software is an electronic version of the National Federation Rules Book and Case Book. Full text searching is also available which allows you to search any of the manuals for any word desired.

Timeless Technologies Scheduling Wizard
Schedule Wizard is a program that allows you to easily and quickly create round-robin schedules for virtually any league.

All Pro Software

Tournament Scheduler Pro
Create Tournament Brackets and Game Schedules for Single & Double Elim, Pool Play, Round-Robin and Consolation with up to 128 players or teams in each event. Great for any sport! Includes your own free tournament website.

League Scheduler
Easily create your round-robin or traveling league schedules. Just enter your locations, teams, game times and start date. League Scheduler automatically creates your schedule based on the parameters you've specified.

Easy Pool Tournament Software
Use Easy Pool  software to automate your 2007 College Basketball Office Pool.  Easy Pool 2007 makes running your office pool a snap. Grid-like screens, similar to the ones you see in the newspaper, make it easy to setup and manage your pool.

BK Stats
Park Enterprises has eight excellent computer programs available to assist you and your basketball teams. These programs are available for all Windows computers and will run on any version of Windows from Vista and XP down through Win95. If your computer can run Windows, it has the capacity to run our software. The only system requiement is that there be 10 megs of free hard drive space available for successful installation.  

Turbo Stats Software
The Original game by game statistic tracking program for Microsoft Windows

Atari Sports

EA Sports

Gamespot Sports


Basketball Coaches Software Basketball Coaches Software Basketball Coaches Software

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